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3Dcreative - November 2012 (True PDF)

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3Dcreative November 2012 True PDF
3Dcreative - November 2012
English | 80 pages | True PDF | 20.00 Mb

Welcome to the November issue of 3DCreative! I hope everyone had a great Halloween; if you haven’t already had enough treats, we have plenty more for you this month with our continually inspiring ongoing tutorial series and some awesome new ones!

This month we bring you part one of a brilliant new tutorial series, by Andrew Hickinbottom, a talented and experienced character modeler, with a penchant for stylized pin-up girls. In this series Andrew will cover modeling, UV'ing, texturing, lighting, creating the background and post-production. Andrew kicks things off in this chapter by talking us through the modeling of his character ‘Olivia’, who beautifully graces the cover.
We speed into the second installment of our Beginner's Guide to Modeling Vehicles tutorial series, where our two talented artists will be using the 2D concept and technical drawings provided, to talk us through a step-by-step guide to turning this information into an accurate and exciting 3D model. While Renato Gonzalez Aguilante illustrates the process in Maya, Arturo Garcia continues modeling in 3ds Max.
In this issue we reach the fifth part of Andrew Finch’s tutorial series in which he is guiding us through the creation of an environment built in the games engine UDK. In the last chapter Andrew illustrated how to start populating the environment, and he continues to demonstrate this as he moves towards finalizing the environment.
We continue with our new series, ZBrush Quadrapeds, with the second chapter being brought to you by Borislav Kerchashki. So much can be accomplished with this impressive software, meaning the possibilities are endless! With imagination as his only limit, Borislav has used the creative freedom to the fullest as he demonstrates how he created the organic forms of his stunning tribal quadraped.
In this month’s Making Of Danill Alikov demonstrates how he created his image Yitio Itlanacha, which you may remember from the August issue's gallery. He talks through his process of making the elderly alien in ZBrush, from the initial concept stage, through to texturing and lighting.
On top of all that we talk to talented character artist Ken Toney in this month’s interview, and we also have our usual stunning gallery featuring work by Matthew Kean, Aeryn Davies, Alfonso Annarumma and many more! 




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