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David Tian - 10 Weeks to Freedom

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David Tian 10 Weeks to Freedom

David Tian - 10 Weeks to Freedom

10 WEEKS TO FREEDOM is a live, step-by-step, online coaching program on how to attain, maintain, and grow your relationships with women, and experience True Freedom -- socially, sexually, and emotionally -- so that you can unleash your true self and live the life you've always wanted.

This revolutionary new program is for any guy who is single and wants to attract women to and by his authentic self, and it's for any guy interested in a relationship or currently in a relationship who desires to learn how to ignite, rekindle, or grow the sexual and emotional passion in his relationships with women.

Just a sample of what you'll learn in this Program includes how to:

Build your self-esteem while you are learning. this step-by-step method makes you become stronger and stronger as you get better and better
Finally get off of your ass and start living life in the best and most fulfilling way possible, with the help of a supportive, brotherly community
Identify and CRUSH the big excuses you are making for yourself with women and in life and become your TRUE self
Ignite attraction in amazing women without having to rely on "techniques" (I'll show you my proven method to draw women into your life without having to try or even think about it!)
Develop rapport with a woman quickly, so it feels natural for her to be with you (This isn't about a rapport "technique" - this is about how to REALLY connect with a woman on a profoundly instinctual level)
Navigate a woman's "emotional waves" or EXTREME emotions - not fun for almost any man, but it can be stress-free and even enjoyable if you know this simple secret
Connect with your woman on a deep emotional level, so that she FEELS that you are with her (This is something all women unconsciously look for when choosing a mate, so it's important that you learn this, so you are ready when you meet a woman you are really into or when you're in a relationship you want to keep)
Control your emotions when you are with a woman (Do this "in the moment" when you are feeling flustered to quickly regain your composure and make the right move)
Master conflict and remain calm no matter how much the people around you are freaking out (This quality lets every woman around you know that you are a LEADER that can be depended on in a crisis situation - a quality that woman are biologically hardwired to look for in a man)
Become a leader of yourself, your family, your social group, and your society. Here's how to cultivate your "inner leader" and use this new quality to improve every aspect of your life. making yourself incredibly attractive to women in the process
all of this and much more in the brand new...

When you sign up today, you get access to...

Live, Online Coaching Every Week

10+ Weeks of Live, Online Training from David Tian, Ph.D., and the Aura Coaches to Ensure You Get the Best Coaching Custom Tailored to Your Personal Needs (valued at over $5,000)
Video Courses Each Week For Every Level -- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

10+ Weeks of Video Courses Designed and Tested to Unleash Your Power and Potential to Create Your Dream Dating Life, Social Life, and Relationships (valued at over $1,000)
Downloadable PDF's Each Week With Step-By-Step Exercises

10+ Weeks of Step-By-Step Exercises with Downloadable PDF Worksheets for Easy Reference to Guide You and Walk You Through the Process (valued at over $100)

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